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1 - How to be VAT Compliant in Europe
2 - Launch in Australia
3 - e-Maximise Income Online 
By Melanie, Angelos and James
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Speakers For This Webinar:
Melanie Shabangu
Tax Partner
Angelos Katsaris
Business Development Director
James Shayler
EU VAT Consultant
What You'll Learn In This Free Presentation...
Secret #1: How to Sell legally in Europe and Australia
Selling in the UK has a perception of many barriers! 

Her Majesty's Revenue & Customs (HMRC) have many hoops to jump through and many taxes to pay - We will guide you through what they are.
Secret #2: What you need to be compliant!
Talking through HMRC's information, we will show you the steps for a compliance check and how we assist you in this process.

We also advise on the different options available to you from start to finish.
Secret #3: How to launch successfully in overseas markets
Europe as a market place has 95% of the population of the US, making it a great place to sell your products.

Australia is a newly launched marketplace with an FBA warehouse just opened.

We will talk you through how to make this process simple and easy with the opportunities that make this a no brainer!
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